Airfield Information

Please note: With the UK weather being so unreliable the runways can quickly become unusable, so please make sure you PPR before visiting.


We are located approximately 1 nm 040° from Nuneaton VRP but please DO NOT CONFUSE us with a PRIVATE strip 500 metres to the South West of us. See picture at the bottom of this page.

Location:   N52°34.805 W001°25.880 (Garmin)

Runways:   08-26 525 metres x 25 metres grass

Circuits:   800' on airfield QFE. 26 RH, 08 LH

Altitude: 300' AMSL

Identifier: 1nm NE Nuneaton VRP on 1/2 mill charts

VOR: HON 040 16 TNT 165 30

AG Frequency: 129.830 MHz



Landing fees:  We ask for a donation of £5  to cover fuel expenses for the tractor and mower diesel. If there's no-one around and you are filled with anguish over how to pay you can click here and pay Helen by PayPal when you get home, it's quick and simple....


The radio is not always manned but always call  to advise of your presence, position and intentions for other aircraft  that may be approaching. Please PPR, without it any issues are not covered by your insurance. All grass airfields can experience sudden changes in the suitability of the landing surfaces due to the British climate and things can change from safe to unsafe very quickly.


RC model aircraft fly regularly at the field so a conventional circuit with a downwind leg is important. The modellers are very professional and will land immediately and clear the runway.


Control line models operate on the right hand side of the 26 approach before the threshold. Again these guys are perfectly safe and will land or lower their circuits when you appear in the overhead. Just avoid the temptation to 'cut the corner off' on downwind/base/finals for 26RH as this will put you right over their heads. Likewise when departing on 08LH, comply with normal circuit procedure and climb to 500' before commencing a crosswind turn to the left.


Overnight camping is welcomed and there are B&B and hotels locally.


Local taxi companies are available from the nearest town of Atherstone. Try Triple A Taxis on 01827 713637 or Atherstone Taxis on 01827 712427. They will collect you from the Fenn Lane gate on the Northside of the airfield.


PPR is vital, no PPR = no insurance, don't risk it.

Please PPR by phone on 07774 225298

and also submit the following form:

All fields required, thank you.



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