Every year we hold a STIFI in late summer..

This year we're holding our STIFI on

Sunday 25th August.. all day


The atrocious weather the country has experience so far this year has been awful for general aviation, with events and airfields closed.. so we're hoping to put a stop to that right away and send the good weather Gods a sacrifice. They asked for a plate of politicians heads in exchange for a glorious and extended heat wave through until October... we couldn't 'quite' run to that but they have assured us that if we sign our souls over they will at least give us a great flying weekend.


The STIFI started in 2019 as an informal and easy fly-in for any machines with wings or wheels  to come along and enjoy the airfield and countryside... we can offer you nothing more than 20 acres of freshly cut grass, a veritable cornucopia of freshly baked cakes courtesy of our resident Bake-Off Queen Cathy, and a coming together of like minded folk.. If you've been before you know what to expect... if you haven't, you don't know what you are missing. Throughout the lunacy years the event got dubbed as a 'Non-Event' for reasons some of you may remember, so now it's safe to say we all enjoy a stifi that's a non-event...♥


Fly-in, drive in, parachute in, walk or cycle. Bring a picnic, bring a wife, bring a husband.. anyone's will do.. bring your dog, ferret or Pangolin... just keep it on a lead..


All visitors are welcome in any machine, the rarer the better. Landing and parking are free as always... what more could you want??


If you are flying in please PPR us from the Pilots page on the site so we know you are coming, or just call for joining instructions on 129.830 'Stoke Golding Base', with 5 miles to run.. Any Q's email


See you in August hopefully!

BR.. The Stoke Golding Crew

Some pictures from previous STIFI's..