This year we'll be holding our STIFI on

29th August 2021!!


Last year, as many of you will know, we held our STIFI event in August but at the 11th hour had to reclassify the event as a 'Non-Event' due to sensationally sensible decisions by the Dictators...err, I mean authorities.. This year, due to the success of last year, we've decided that 'non-events' are far more fun so we'll be following the same arrangements.


Please ensure you don't put the date in your diary and make sure not to fly-in, and definitely don't consider enjoying the homemade refreshments and delicacies offered by 'Cathy's Cakes'.


Make a point of not partaking in all the pilot banter associated with these kind of activities and certainly don't consider bringing a tent so you can enjoy a drink in the evening and have a leisurely return flight on Bank Holiday Monday.


All visitors welcome in any machine, landings are free as always... what more couldn't you want??


PPR us from the Pilots page on the site so we know you are coming or just call for joining instructions on 129.830 'Stoke Golding Base', with 5 miles to run..

See you soon!

The Stoke Golding Crew

Some pictures from previous events..