Aerial Advertising and Banner Towing

 at Stoke Golding Airfield


Banner Towing is universally accepted as one of the most unique ways to get your message across and one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your service or product... so why is this??


Everybody looks skywards when they hear the sound of a low flying aircraft and then to view an enormous banner flying along behind the aircraft is something we just don't see every day... it's novel, unique, exciting and captivates all who are there.


AirAds of Blackpool use our airfield here in Stoke Golding to provide a Midlands base  to operate from. This provides a very central location helping to provide a bigger coverage of the UK.


So whether you are celebrating something very special and want to tell the world about it or you want the world to know what you have to offer, get in touch with the Chief Pilot Bob Stinger at who can provide a quote for you. You can find more details about AirAds here.


And in case you are wondering how we pick up and drop down a 15 feet high, 50 feet long banner with an aircraft travelling at 70 mph... check this out!