Drone Training at Stoke Golding Airfield


Drones, (or UAV's) have become an integral part of aviation life over the last few years. Since their appearance many years ago as nothing more than toys or model novelties they have rapidly gained a foothold in a very wide area of commercial operations largely due to the massive increases in technology that have arisen over the last decade or so.


Drones are used in the films we watch, the news we gather, the inspections we carry out and the rescues we attend... they allow us to film, view, inspect and monitor situations that we could never have achieved previously.


Along with the huge increase in application and activity of commercial drones comes a responsibility to ensure that their operation is wholly compatible with the existing aviation and other safety related infrastructures and that the pilots are trained to a professional standard.


Stoke Golding Airfield has teamed up with the industry's leading training organisation, Flyby Technology, to provide training to new and existing commercial drone operators and pilots. Courses are available throughout the year at the airfield (and other locations) and include fully CAA approved ground school and flying training with highly experienced ex-military pilots. After completion of the course you will be assessed for Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority.


For more information on course dates, locations and content please follow this link to the Flyby Technology website.


Check out the following video... it required a team of drone pilots, camera operators and top level training. A professional drone is filming a professional drone that is filming the aircraft. In fact at one point a third drone is filming the other two... It was vitally important that everyone was trained and briefed to the highest levels for this shoot and demonstrates the quality of training offered by Flyby Technology.